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All email templates will be delivered in Word, PSD, and PDF formats.

No. These are plain text emails. Plain text emails are the most universally compatible, and least likely to get caught in spam boxes.
If you would like html styling…simply paste the content into an html autoresponder of your choice..and modify the look with their builder.

The email content is 100% GDPR compliant. However, in order to comply with GDPR…the recipient has to check a box at the time of opt-in indicating that they give consent to be marketed to via email.
You must also have an unsubscribe option available on all emails as well. Each template has this included…but you must link them to the proper page where they can update their email preferences.

Yes! A CRM is the ideal place to implement these emails. All templates are plain text…so no coding or design skills needed. Simply copy and paste to get them rocking on your platform.

Absolutely! The templates are not html emails, so they won’t be styled. However, the content can be added to a Mailchimp campaign, and visually modified through their email designer.

You can add these templates to your CRM, an autoresponder software of your choice, or copy and paste them into your native email platform.

The content in these emails is written specifically for headshot photographers, but the content could be modified in order to fit another photography genre.

If you know how to copy and paste…then you have all the skills required to start implementing these templates into your business.
It doesn’t get much more simple!

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