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I can’t remember where I heard it, but the definition that I like for ‘Photogenic’ is when your self-confidence outweighs your insecurities. So basically, when you are being yourself, and not thinking about how you look is when you look the most attractive. Everyone is capable of looking great in pictures, it just takes the right photographer who is willing to push people through the walls they’ve built around themselves.

This is where my work separates itself from the rest of the photographers in Chicago. Every single person I have ever photographed needs guidance on what to do in front of the camera. Having your picture taken is a very forced and unnatural experience. It’s the photographer’s job to create an atmosphere that you feel safe to be yourself in. I will help take your mind off having your picture taken through my direction, and crazy banter. The more fun you have..the less time you’ll have to worry about what you look like. This will allow us to capture natural reactive expressions. These moments are when you are the most like yourself, relaxed, and honest. You will leave with the skills to be able to ‘own it’ in front of any camera for the rest of you career.

Liking a headshot photographer’s pictures isn’t half as important as liking the actual photographer. If you and your photographer do not jive, you won’t be able to be yourself around them. That tension will show in your shots. You are trusting them with your most important marketing tool. You only have a couple of hours to get the shots you need. Take the time to have a conversation with them, or set up a consultation. Most photographers will do these for free. Ask questions. Get a feel for who they are, and how they work. Find out how they direct their clients. This is HUGE. Chances are, you aren’t a professional model, and you have no idea what to do in front of a camera. It’s the photographers responsibility to coach you towards the shots you need.

I believe that the horizontal crop is the most modern look for a headshot. The typical portrait orientation for headshots is becoming outdated. The best way to stand out is to look different than everyone else, and to be an early adopter of trends. I believe that this crop draws more attention to the subject and their expression. In the digital age, square crops are the standard format for most website profile pictures. Thumbnails are very small, and you want most of that image to be your face. The wider the image is cropped, the less engaging it will be. While I think most everyone will benefit from this style, I also understand that some clients have certain specifications their headshot has to meet.
We are capable of shooting any desired format, just be sure to mention it before the shoot so that we are all on the same page.

My headshot session includes 2 retouched images. Don’t worry about that blemish…it can removed with the click of a mouse. Wrinkles can be softened, and any minor imperfections can be taken care of. The key to good retouching is for it to remain natural. We will discuss specific retouching concerns during the session.
Additional Retouched Images – $75/each

Retouching can take up to 7-10 business days. The final images will be delivered in an email download link. Be sure to save all files in a safe place. The download link expires in 7 days.
24hr. Rush Delivery – $50/image

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